Queen Anne High School Class of '79 Memory Book

Terms, Warnings, Provisos and Whatnot

Hi! Please read the following info before proceeding.

We thought we'd find some handy-dandy plug-in application that would generate an online environment where people could post profiles of themselves, criminal records, et cetera. Alas, like affordable health care and the continued availability of Britannia jeans, this was only a dream.

So, what we have here is what we could cobble together using a limited knowledge of PHP and MySQL. It works, in its humble way. It is not "secure" in any proper sense of the term, and so you should not put anything up here that you would be horrified to find being repeated. However, we've tried to construct it in such a way that it is unlikely that it will be found and crawled by any search engine. The pages created are public, but the only way to see the index which links to them is to enter your code below. When the reunion is over, we'll shut this off, but if you'd like an archived copy of the contents, just ask.

How To Get Access:

An e-mail was sent to every class member for whom an e-mail address was available, containing a code for access. If you didn't get one or have lost it, please drop a note to memorybookadmin@qahs1979.com, identify yourself by name (preferably your when-in-high-school name, and it's fine if you're not a member of the class but are one of the vast diaspora of the Queen Anne/Magnolia school system of the pre-apocalyptic era), and we'll send you one.

And now, if you've got that code, just enter it below and hit "submit" to see the index: